Texture.ninja is now free! Patreon launch

Texture.ninja is now free!

Patreon launch



I initially created this website to be a premium subscription service. But I realize now that rather than creating a service for a handful of people, I want to provide a useful service for as many people as possible.
The hosting costs for this website are ~$60/month. Any funds past that mark will allow me to add more textures. I already have a large backlog of textures, reference photos and hdris, but freelancing takes up most of my time.

I had to disable the content delivery network to minimise costs. This won’t make a difference if you live near the east coast of the US but if you live anywhere else you might experience slower connection speeds. If I can get enough donations I’ll enable this again.



To incentivize more donations I will be locking certain sections of the website for premium members only. I’m not sure how much content will be locked at this point.


I’ll continue to post texture packs on Gumroad for people who’d rather download large packs.


If you want to support me, you can find the Patreon here.



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